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The Association groups the main importers, manufacturers and distributors of products for Company Animals that operate in the Spanish market. Its objective is to promote and promote the distribution, import and export of companion animals.

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Agrumop, S.L.

Dealer | Importers


Small animals, Kennels and cages, Specific food, Care, health and hygiene, Drugs and preparations, Accessories...

C/Genciana, 11 local · Madrid · 28039

Telf. 650 37 80 61

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Albepet Importación de Animales, S.L.

Dealer | Manufacturers | Importers


Tropical fish, Aquatic plants, Food, Terrarium animals, Food for terrarium animals, Small animals, Specific food, Pond fish, Pond plants, Fish food...

Pol. Ind. San Marcos, C/ Morse, 25 · Getafe · 28906

Telf. 91 683 46 60

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Family business with more than 75 years of experience in the animal feed sector and a pioneer in the manufacture of high quality food for cats and dogs, being present internationally in more than 65 countries.

Avda. Francisco Jimeno Sola D6 y 87 · 30817, Lorca

Telf. 968 47 61 54

Andres Serrano Jimenez e Hijos, S.L.

Dealer | Manufacturers | Importers


Aquariums, Aquarium furniture, Lightning, lamps, filters and pumps, Heaters and regulators, Measures apparatus and test instruments, Aquatic facility Installation, decoration and conditioning, Food...

Políg. Urtinsa II , Avda La Laguna 50-52 · Alcorcón · 28923

Telf. 91 644 28 60 / 91 486 10 22

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Aquatlantis was founded in 1996 by José Pereira, who has several decades of experience in the production of aquariums.

Z.I. De Mide - Rua Vasco de Gama, 2 · Lordelo-Guimaraes · 24815-694

Telf. +351 252840570

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In Artesanía Cerdá we create collections of licensed products for the use and enjoyment of the pets of the smallest, young, adults. Thus, our corporate mission is to make license consumers happy with our articles.

Pol. Ind. El Carrascot C/ Artesans, 1-3 · 46850 L’Olleria

Telf. +34 962 200 502

    Avenida Pau Casals, 4, 2º 1ª
    08021 Barcelona

    Mobile. 607 49 69 48

    Telf. 93 317 10 40

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