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The Association groups the main importers, manufacturers and distributors of products for Company Animals that operate in the Spanish market. Its objective is to promote and promote the distribution, import and export of companion animals.

Andres Serrano Jimenez e Hijos, S.L.

Dealer | Manufacturers | Importers

Políg. Urtinsa II , Avda La Laguna 50-52 · Alcorcón · 28923

Telf. 91 644 28 60 / 91 486 10 22

Aquariums, Aquarium furniture, Lightning, lamps, filters and pumps, Heaters and regulators, Measures apparatus and test instruments, Aquatic facility Installation, decoration and conditioning, Food, Drugs and preparations, Accessories, Terrariums, Terrarium furniture, Heating systems, Lighting systems, Food for terrarium animals, Medicines and formulas, Accessories, Food, Chewable items, Specific care, Medicine and preparations, Health, hygiene and beauty accessories, Small animals, Kennels and cages, Specific food, Care, health and hygiene, Drugs and preparations, Accessories, Birds, Bird sanctuaries, aviaries and cages, Seeds and food preparations, Medicines and suspensions, Accessories, Pond liners, filters and pumps, Water supplies and sets, Fish food, Garden ceramics, Pond care (algaecides…), Pond accessories, Bird protection instruments, Winter huts, Nests

Product Portfolio

Accessories , Accessories , Accessories , Accessories , Health, hygiene and beauty accessories , Food , Specific food , Food for terrarium animals , Fish food , Measures apparatus and test instruments , Chewable items , Heaters and regulators , Winter huts , Kennels and cages , Garden ceramics , Pond care , Specific care , Care, health and hygiene , Medicines and formulas , Lightning, lamps, filters and pumps , Aquatic facility Installation, decoration and conditioning , Bird protection instruments , Pond liners, filters and pumps , Aquarium furniture , Terrarium furniture , Nests , Bird sanctuaries, aviaries and cages , Drugs and preparations , Drugs and preparations , Medicine and preparations , Seeds and food preparations , Heating systems , Lighting systems , Water supplies and sets , Medicines and suspensions

Avenida Pau Casals, 4, 2º 1ª
08021 Barcelona

Mobile. 607 49 69 48

Telf. 93 317 10 40

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