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Welcome to the Petshop Retail Club by AEDPAC
With the aim of promoting and boosting the pet industry in Spain, the Spanish Association for the Trade and Industry of Pet Animals in Spain, AEDPAC, presents the creation of the first Petshop Club Retail in Spain.

This initiative aims to open an integrated common space where to defend the interests of retail businesses and specialized stores, whether in individual format, franchises, chains or large stores, that share the values of professionalism, innovation, quality of service and commitment to animal welfare and responsible ownership in the retail market linked to the petcare sector in our country.

The Petshop Retail Club offers its members exclusive services and products that contribute to promoting and generating knowledge and business, through active participation, information exchange, trend analysis and ongoing training in all aspects that contribute. to innovation and the development of trade and industry.

A commitment to the sector's value chain: manufacturers, distributors and retailers
The Petshop retail Club supposes the creation of its own space where the voice of the sector can be felt, where it can generate debate, share market experiences and exchange opinions on the challenges that the retail trade faces in the face of the new perspectives that lie ahead.

The lobbying action that the association already carries out in the various levels of the Spanish public administration and its relationship with the main international organizations of which it is a member, will allow it to respond to the specific demands made by the retail sector in our country in the European context.

The Live Animals Commission of AEDPAC - CAAVV
The Live Animals Commission of AEDPAC has the experience and the means to resolve doubts and queries regarding regulations, legislation and good practices. It also takes care of transferring to the public administration those initiatives that arise from the associates themselves and that defend the interests of the sector in terms of transport, labeling, customs, exhibition and sale, etc.

The Petshop Retail Club collaborates with the Ministry's campaign on responsible pet ownership (MAPA)
AEDPAC actively collaborates in the dissemination and visibility of the communication campaign on the principles of responsible ownership promoted by the MAPA Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, which has recently launched a "Action plan for responsible pet ownership (PATRAC) "whose main objective is to promote a change in attitude in relation to animals, as well as to advance in the management and transparency of the sector.

All members of the Petshop Retail by AEDPAC Club will contribute to raising awareness among citizens and owners of companion animals that are clients of their business through the dissemination and exhibition of material related to said campaign: posters, brochures, merchandising, among others.

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