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The Association groups the main importers, manufacturers and distributors of products for Company Animals that operate in the Spanish market. Its objective is to promote and promote the distribution, import and export of companion animals.

Nogga Cosmetics, S.L.

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At True Cosmetics our products are a result of scientific research and passion for animals. We opposite any kind of animal testing and follow animal-friendly policies not only with cosmetics, but our partners as well.
In 2005, we decided to launch Nogga, a line of grooming, hygiene and treatment products specially designed for our four-legged friends. Our shampoos, conditioners and perfums integrate our clear vision on how to make a difference and how a product must work: clean, silken, protect, nourish and restore a pet’s sensitive skin and coat according to particular needs. We focus on:-Skin: animal skin is particularly sensitive so products must not only clean but also protect, nourish, moisturize, reinforce..-Hair: the needs of dogs are different and vary with the type of coat, fur and hair type. The breed gives us the most information about its skills, problems, and needs, thus resulting in different types of grooming-Salon: we partner with an extensive network of professional salons and we know what it takes to keep hair and skin healthy. We have developed a comprehensive system of pet care specific products that help professionals to make the most of their time (speeding up drying time) and work (adapting to whatever is going to be done: stripping, cut, etc.)

Our goal is to promote the benefits of proper care and hygiene for pets while increasing awareness of animal-related issues. We support animal causes through education, outreach and love.
Nogga Laboratory
Nogga laboratory was created in 2006, and since then, its development policy combines the newest achievements, discoveries of modern cosmetology, the use of best actives and ingredients to preserve and explode your pet dermatological beauty and health through cosmetics. 

The high efficiency of our products  is part of our research, looking for permanent cooperation with outstanding dermatologists and unversities. Indeed, Nogga is proud member in two projects of the 7th EU Research Framework in the field of Biotechnology, confirming our compromise with science, innovation, and research.
Nogga also delivers a huge assortment of cutting-edge professional salon equipment, dog grooming equipment and pet supply. When it comes to quality, you can feel the difference and so can your customers. 

We wish to thank you, our customers, for your continuing support and we would like to emphasize that your needs are our priority.

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