Iberzoo + Propet ˇ Visitors

An offer of particular interest to the bulk of professional visitors, which includes representatives of retail pet products; large stores purchasing managers; veterinarians and veterinary clinic managers, veterinary assistants; pet stylists and groomers; breeders, educators and trainers, zoo and shelter managers, breed clubs, animal protection institution, associations and organizations, etc.

This new edition of the fair for pet professionals in Spain will appear as a privileged meeting point between supply and demand in the industry, offering a superb platform to introduce new products and a great environment to strengthen commercial ties.

Novelty guide
The event will feature a new digital guide of all the new products that companies will present during Iberzoo + Propet. This guide will be available on the website a few weeks prior to the event, and will be distributed throughout the year in Spain and other countries. Furthermore, the guide will be shown in poster format in an area of the fair with free Wi-Fi Internet connection, including the product information –picture, brand, exhibitor and its location in the fair–. The guide will also be available to download in pdf format so that every visitor can have access to it during the event.

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