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The Petshop Retail Club offers its members the following exclusive services and products for members:

Associate services
AEPAC will offer the associated businesses the following products and services:

· Legal advice specialized in the retail sector in petcare.
· Regulations and legislation of the retail sector linked to the sector.
· Business and networking sessions with distributors and manufacturers in the sector.
· Sector data indicator.
· Market studies.
· Job bank.
· Discounts on visits to professional fairs and congresses.
· Free subscriptions. ( To determinate )
· Integration in sectoral work commissions.
· Meetings with the distribution, manufacturers and brands of the sector.
· Representation and lobby in defense of the interests of retail in the petcare sector before the national and international public administration *.

* AEDPAC is a member of the EPO (European Pet Association) through which intense lobbying work is carried out with European organizations in Brussels.

The Live Animals Commission of AEDPAC - CAAVV
The Live Animals Commission of AEDPAC has the experience and the means to resolve doubts and queries regarding regulations, legislation and good practices. It also takes care of transferring to the public administration those initiatives that arise from the associates themselves and that defend the interests of the sector in terms of transport, labeling, customs, exhibition and sale, etc.

Petshop Retail Indicator
The Petshop Retail Indicator is the name given to the tool that will allow us to know first-hand the reality of retail in the petcare sector. Taking the associated companies as a sample, the partners themselves will provide real data on their commercial activity so that the resulting data can become a trusted source of information within the sector itself.

Petshop Retail Conference at Iberzoo + Propet
The Petshop Retail Club will organize a conference dedicated to the problems, analysis and debate by the main players in the retail sector that will take place at Iberzoo + Propet, the great annual reference meeting for professionals in the sector that is held every year at IFEMA -Madrid Fair, the professional fair.

Quality Petshop Trade Seal
Membership of the Petshop Retail Club will be distinguished by a quality seal that may be placed on the door of the associated establishment and that will indicate that said establishment meets all the requirements of quality, service and commitment to responsible ownership and good practices that it claims. the sector.

White Paper on Commerce and Industry in the Animal Sector of the Company in Spain
Subscription to either group as a full member of the Petshop Retail Club by AEDPAC includes a copy of the Sector White Paper in its digital and paper versions.

Professional visitor at Iberzoo + Propet
All Club members will be able to obtain free professional invitations to the Iberzoo + Propet contest that is held annually at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid.


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