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Product data for pets

  • In 2015, the world market of the pet sector represented 93,000 million euros, according to Euromonitor International.
  • The three main markets for sales of pet care are, by region, Latin America -Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, mainly-, followed by Asia Pacific -Japan, China and South Korea, mainly- and Eastern Europe.-Russia, Poland and Czech Republic, mainly -.
  • In 2015, the volume of business in Europe was 25,000 million euros, basically focused on the markets of Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy.
  • In that same period Spain occupied the fifth position and represented 1,000 million euros.
  • 70% of spending on pets is for the food of dogs and cats, followed by spending on other products for pets and third, food prepared for other types of animals that are neither dogs nor cats.
  • In Europe, the average cost per household in dogs and cats is € 217.
  • In Spain, the average cost is € 130 for dogs and € 91 for cats, an important expense in the shopping basket of Spain.
  • In Spain there is still a high percentage of people who give non-packaged food to pets. Thus, in dogs, 59% give special prepared food for pets, while the remaining 41% is unprepared, according to the study conducted by Euromonitor International.
  • Toys and beauty products are key in the activity of the pet sector. Toys benefit from the growing bond between Spanish consumers and their pets. Consumers want to entertain their pets and establish a satisfactory interaction with them, especially if they want to compensate for their absence during the day, while they are at work. On the other hand, beauty products are becoming increasingly popular among the growing number of single-person homes, and their performance is being reinforced by the increasing number of beauty salons for pets, and supermarkets and hypermarkets for pets that offer grooming services.
  • Pet supermarkets registered the highest dynamic growth of current value in 2015, despite taking only 2% of the value of pet products. Online retail sales have also grown in popularity among Spanish consumers, since it provides them with added convenience, something that Spanish consumers demand more and more.
  • According to industry sources, not only Spaniards live longer; they also live their pets more. As a result, there is a growing interest, on the part of producers, towards older pets, so in the coming years we will see new products appear on the market to supply them. For example, more and more products are being offered such as pillows with soft seams, sofas with thicker upholstery, and water beds for older dogs with orthopedic problems.

Veterinary data

  • The Spanish industry of animal health and nutrition grew in 2015 to 1,299.70 million euros of global turnover, that is, 8.71%, of which 866.74 million euros belong to the national market turnover, 8.89, according to data from Veterindustria.
  • With regard to dogs and cats, the turnover of the Spanish animal health and nutrition industry reached 210.86 million euros in 2015, according to data from Veterindustria.
  • According to data from AMVAC, in 2015, the total census of dogs and cats was increased, reaching 7.41 million, compared to 7.15 million pets in 2012. The dog remains the preferred companion animal.
  • In 2014, the veterinary sector billed about 848 million € between health products and food, which represented a growth of 8% over the previous year.
  • In 2016, Spanish veterinary clinics consolidated their growth in revenue for the third consecutive year, improving the numbers for 2014 and 2015 and saw their revenues grow by 7.4%.
  • According to the National Association of pet trade (ASAC), in Spain there are about 5,000 specialized stores and some 6,000 veterinary clinics.

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