Nayeco, S.L.

Fabricante | Distribuidor
Address: Esparreguera 4-6 P.I. Les Ginesteres
City: Collbató
Postal code: 08293
Telephone: 93 777 97 50
Fax: 93 777 93 53
Person of contact: Marta Hitz Bach
Cartera de productos

Aquariums, Aquarium furniture, Lightning, lamps, filters and pumps, Heaters and regulators, Aquatic plants, Food, Drugs and preparations, Accessories, Terrariums, Heating systems, Lighting systems, Food for terrarium animals, Accessories, Chewable items, Health, hygiene and beauty accessories, Kennels and cages, Specific food, Care, health and hygiene, Accessories, Bird sanctuaries, aviaries and cages, Seeds and food preparations, Medicines and suspensions, Accessories, Pond liners, filters and pumps, Water supplies and sets, Bird protection instruments, Winter huts