News · Miniorycs, new associate specialist in feeding for pet rabbits


They develop their own brand of high quality natural feed products for rabbits and rodents based on ingredients selected by a team of specialized nutritionists and veterinarians. Experts in raising pet rabbits.

Its products are aimed at satisfying the health and well-being of animals through a philosophy based on respect, passion and responsibility towards them...

Its natural products are reflected in the needs of animals in their wild origin, they are based on ingredients selected to benefit the health of our pets and endorsed by a team of specialized nutritionists and veterinarians who certify our quality. In addition, they are experts in the breeding of pet rabbits, animals that are increasingly appreciated by families who want to share their life with a pet.

C/ d'Aragó, 290, planta 4-D
08009 Barcelona - Spain

Mobile. 607 49 69 48

Telf. 93 317 10 40

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