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Of the Spanish Association of Industry and Commerce of the Companion Animal Sector, before the proposal of the preliminary draft law for the protection and rights of animals.

AEDPAC, the Spanish association that integrates among its associates, companies that distribute products for companion animals, breeders, manufacturers of food and veterinary products, as well as more than 250 points of sale of retail trade integrated in its Club Petshop Retail Spainpain


In relation to the draft law on the protection and rights of animals proposed by the General Directorate of Animal Rights, its opposition to the aforementioned draft because it considers that it supports an argument regarding the substance and the form, which does not imply a qualitative progress that reflects and regulates the needs of the different agents involved in the sector.

In the same way, this entity manifests a notorious surprise at the finding that said preliminary draft has been presented without the proper supervision and advice of the different agents affected by the direct application of the proposed text, resulting in an apparent consultation exclusively with entities " animalists ”, and without taking into account the majority opinion of the scientific community, breeders, veterinarians, consumers, as well as industry and the retail trade, among others.

The groups reviewed have not been cited for the presentation of the draft to the public opinion and the media, as well as for the publications of the different entities and agents showing their public opposition to the text through the different communications that such groups have issued in the present, from which the lack of communication with said participants in the configuration of the proposed text can be deduced.

Given the lack of knowledge of the problems faced by the sector, as well as the disconnection from the reality transmitted by its wording, as well as a greater need for rigor in the use of terminology, definitions and fixation of basic concepts for its Correct development and subsequent application in said articles, AEDPAC considers that in this proposal the opportunity for a necessary clear regulation that provides solutions and an efficient fit for all the agents involved is being lost, and will proceed to the realization of an alternative document that mainly count on the opinion of all those affected and involved in order to achieve a wide-ranging text that involves a substantial modification of the aforementioned draft.

This document will be prepared based on legal, technical and scientific criteria that guarantee, from the strictest legality, the application and definition of clear criteria in the field of distribution, transport and sale of animals in charge of retail businesses, specialized companies and professionals, among others.

AEDPAC expresses its maximum commitment to policies that promote the welfare of live animals throughout the value chain. For this reason, it actively participates in the social awareness of the care and relationship of the citizen who acquires a pet, through its participation in the "Responsible Ownership" campaign promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, collaborates with SEPRONA and defends in entities and National and international forums, the quality of the services and products that are manufactured, distributed and sold by its associates to the final consumer, verifying and guaranteeing the suitability and benefit for the animals for which it is intended for its use and sale. he dynamism and the strength of companies and professionals linked to the pet industry and trade, allow, in our country, to promote a modern, professional industry and by definition, especially sensitive to animal welfare, which supports the dozens of thousands of families that make up the sector of commerce and the pet industry in Spain.

A sector that moves the figure of 2,000 million euros and provides direct and indirect employment to more than 300,000 professionals in Spain AEDPAC is in favor of good practices in processes of adoption, breeding, sale with strict control of its traceability in any case. And it is radically positioned against the intrusion in the sale and breeding of animals as well as the non-regulated acquisition by digital portals or the abusive importation that seriously damages the physical and mental health of the animals. These factors represent a serious detriment to the vast majority of the industry that has strictly complied for years with all that is determined by current Spanish and Community legislation.

In Barcelona on October 18, 2021.

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