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Lobbies or interest groups play an important role in the democratic process. It is a fundamental right that the representatives of a professional sector have access to the institutions and in a very special way to the executive and legislative powers in order to communicate and defend their ideas and legitimate interests, gather information, defend their situation or urge to change the legislation that affects them.

During the last edition of Iberzoo+propet, AIDPET "Alliance for the interest and defense of the professional pet sector" was finally established, an old aspiration of the sector in recent years that has finally become a reality.

In its founding phase, AIDPET has two of the main associations in the pet animal sector in our country, which represent different interests within its activity, AEDPAC, the Spanish Association of Commerce and the integrated Companion Animal Commerce Industry. by manufacturers, distributors and the retail trade, and CEVE, the Spanish Veterinary Business Confederation, the state employer of veterinary health services.

Both organizations have decided to set up this new Interest Group to defend "issues that may cross-cuttingly affect the future of the sector in a serious, responsible and professional way", according to Adolfo Santa Olalla Adell, President of the AEDPAC Live Animals Commission and AIDPET spokesperson.
Matters of capital importance such as the recent approval of the Animal Welfare Law, which has aroused intense controversy between the retail trade and the companies that make up the sector's value chain, or aspects related to veterinary practice such as the regulation of veterinary VAT, the regulation of the medicine, digitalization or the training of the group, are aspects that will be dealt with as a priority in this initial phase.

In the act of signing the official constitution, signed by the president of CEVE, Delia Saleno and by Fito Santa Olalla on behalf of AEDPAC, the representatives of AIDPET stated that this is a project "open to the sector, of all and for all". and that they are holding advanced conversations with the main professional associations in the pet sector to assess their incorporation in the short and medium term, which would undoubtedly mean having more valuable assets to promote and contribute to the main objective of their creation, which It is none other than providing the sector with a tool that allows the professionals and businessmen that make up the sector in our country to have a voice and work together in defense of the interests of each and every one of them.

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