News · AEDPAC adheres to the Stop Invasive Commerce campaign


Promoted by LIFE INVASAQUA, this campaign is supported by entities in Spain and Portugal that advocate for a responsible trade in exotic species coinciding with the start of Christmas shopping.

The campaign thoroughly addresses the problem of online sales that has increased exponentially in recent decades, in the same way as the electronic commerce of exotic flora and fauna species. Many of these species, despite not being included in catalogs and regulations, present invasive potential that can lead to impacts on the environment and native biodiversity, economic sectors and human health. Furthermore, even though it is illegal, it is still possible to find invasive alien species for sale in certain electronic markets.

All this highlights the need to generate tools that help prevent the arrival of invasive alien species through electronic commerce.

For this, the LIFE INVASAQUA project has published a code of conduct and good practices  that aims to alert about the sale and acquisition of invasive flora and fauna species, promoting a series of recommendations that help to minimize the risks posed by electronic commerce as a means of introducing invasive flora and fauna.

To date it is supported by the partners of LifeInvasaqua and the Spanish Association of Industry and Commerce of the Companion Animal Sector (AEDEPAC), AEMS Ríos con vida, ANSE, Darwin Eventur, Spanish Association of Environmental Education. GEIB, Grefa, Introduce Bird Interaction Survey, Miteco and Llife Stop Cortadería, MELES e 

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